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 Sunday School - 9:30am  |  Worship -10:45am 161 Flat Creek Trail, Fayetteville, GA
Sunday School Information
A note: Our Sunday School Promotion is the first Sunday in August. This is when students will rise to the class they will attend when they return to school.
Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m. for 8 week old babies to Senior Adults. Please browse the list below to find out where you and/or your children can find their meeting location for Sunday School Small groups. Adults are welcome to visit many classes before making a decision on the class you wish to call "home."  
Please note that the Preschool Division is based on development.  A child must be 8 weeks old before they should be left in the nursery (for their health protection, per doctors recommendations to us).  "Preschool 8" (PS8) is our Kindergarten class.  There are Department Officers to help check in your children.  For the convenience of families with small chidren, please park in the front, lower parking lot on Flat Creek Trail - door is at the flagpole.  These glass doors will take you into the Preschool/Children's Reception area we call The Atrium. For the security of all our children, only one adult will be allowed past the Preschool Reception Desk to take/pick up their Preschooler.
For guests without small children, please enter the rear of the building through the glass doors marked "Welcome Center".  There is an over-hang for drop-off in the event of bad weather and Greeters to help those in need of assistance.  There are also Greeters stationed here to escort you to the class of your choosing and a complete listing of each class offered.

Preschool & Children Sunday School Small Groups

DivisionAge RangeTeachersRoom

Preschool Division-based on development

Minister: Linda Baxter

For the protection of all children, your child must be checked in at the Preschool Reception Desk and only one parent/adult will be allowed to walk the child to their classroom.  You will need to present the proper identification to retrieve your child after sessions. We thank you for your cooperation with this.
Officers: Joy Lamb, Division Director
Carolyn Wade, Barbara Vansant, Joe Green, Barbara Green
Preschool 1 must be 8 weeks old Rhonda Maxey, Meredith Ellis PS 114
Preschool 2
Susan Ellison, Nancy Muncher PS 115
Preschool 3
Preschool 4
(1yr by Sept. 1)
Charolotte Trammell, Beverly Turner, Courtney Hall PS 111
Preschool 5
(2yrs by Sept. 1)
  Vickie Ward, Fran Jones  PS 109
Preschool 6
(3yrs by Sept.1)
  Debra Clapp, Joyce Pearson, Joan Priester PS 102
Preschool 7
(4yrs by Sept. 1)
(Combines with PS 8) Jean Thompson, Jean Lawson PS 102
 Preschool 8
(5yrs by Sept. 1)
Kindergarten Natalie Thompson, Brent Thompson  PS 100

Children/Preteen Division-based on current grade
                                   Promotion is the first Sunday in August.

Minister: Linda Baxter

Officers: Donna Wright, Division Director
Sarah Johnson
First Grade 1st grade
Kathy Ragsdale, Marquerite Callahan C-201
Second Grade 2nd grade
Sue Hendrix, Tiffany Staas C-203
Third Grade 3rd grade
Sandra Babb, Shella Adcock, Laura Eichhorn C-207
Fourth Grade 4th grade
Scott & Tania Mitchell, Sherrill Chambers C-209
Fifth Grade 5th grade
Keith & Wendy Taylor,  Rhoda Barge C-208
Preteen 6th grade
Robin & David Bullard C-212


Student Sunday School Small Groups-based on current grade

 Groups meet in main Student Room prior to dismissal to their SS class. 

(During the Summer, all classes remain in the Main Student Room for the entire session. We call this time "ENCOUNTER".)
Promotion for Sunday School is the first Sunday in August.
DivisionGrade RangeTeacherRoom

Student I Department-current grade ( S.Hall = Student Hall, located off main foyer)
Boys 7th & 8th grade Karl Derhammer, Andrew Maxey S. Hall
Girls 7th & 8th grade Tonya Pearson, Victoria Ward S. Hall

Student II Department-current grade
Boys & Girls 9th - 10th grade Paige & Tim Whitaker S. Hall
Boys & Girls 11th  - 12th grade Kyle & Jodi Brooks S. Hall


Adult Sunday School Small Groups

NOTE: Most of the Adult classrooms are reached through the Fellowship Hall - off the Welcome Center
             A-100's are downstairs 
             A-200's are upstairs (main floor if entering through Welcome Center)
We do have an elevator, please ask a Greeter or Usher to lead you to its location.
Please note that we do have an age range to help you find a class to visit; however, this is merely a guide for you to have a starting point.  We encourage you to try more than one class to find a "home".
When entering the rear of the campus, come through the door marked "Welcome Center" and there will be Greeters to help you decide on a class and then walk you to that class. We can't wait to have you come and visit with us.

Minister: Rev. Mark Ward

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