Adult Sunday School Small Groups

Adult Sunday School Small Groups

A D U L T S:

*NOTE: Most of the Adult classrooms are reached through the Fellowship Hall – off the Welcome Center

A-100’s are downstairs 

A-200’s are upstairs (main floor if entering through Welcome Center)

College Students are in the Student Café

We do have an elevator, please ask a Greeter or Usher to lead you to its location.

Please note that we do have an age range to help you find a class to visit; however, this is merely a guide for you to have a starting point.  We encourage you to try more than one class to find a “home”.
When entering from rear of the campus, come through the door marked “Welcome Center” and there will be Greeters to help you decide on a class and then walk you to that class. We can’t wait to have you come and visit with us.
Minister: Mark Ward
Room  Class Name  Teacher(s) Age  (Guide Only) Gender
Cafe College & Career Singles Andrew Trammel 17-30 COED
  This class studies the Bible using scripture as it relates to socially relevant topics and life situations.  They are an active class that loves to take time to meet together in Bible Study or outside of the classroom.
A122 Promise (Special Needs) Class Don LaBonte, Charlene LaBonte & Marsha Evans 21+ COED
This Sunday School and Worship Group of special needs/high functioning adults have become dear to the hearts of the members of FCBC. They meet every Sunday @ 9:30 A.M. for Sunday School. They are then welcomed into the Morning Worship Service (11:45 a.m.).  After the singing and praise portion of the service they are escorted to their Bible Study class. The Bible Study material is specially designed to meet their needs. 
A202 L.I.G.H.T. Sherri Grady & Judy Caldwell 26+ LADIES
  A group of single and married ladies, who love Bible study and weekly fellowship. 
A127 Young Couples  Kyle Culpepper 21-42 COED
  A small class of young married couples.
 A124 Partners in Christ Tom Paver 33-46 COED
  A couples class that centers around life needs and situations.  
 A107 Salt and Light Larry & Cindi Butler 42-52 COED
  A couples class centering of varying ages that is very caring and involved in our church ministries. 
A113 Ministeria Hispano Brigida Jimenez & Arturo Rodriguez 18+ COED
  A class that ministers to our Spanish speaking Brothers and Sisters.  A wonderful and loving group that is very involved in our church ministries. 
 A104 Seekers Randy Teague & Robert Thompson 42-52 COED
  A couples class that enjoy interactive Bible study. They enjoy mentoring and sharing in the ministries of Flat Creek.
 A129  Ladies Fellowship Trisha Nease 42-52 LADIES
  A wonderful ladies class that studies God’s Word and has great fellowship.
A201 Couples Ken Chambers 52-62 COED
  A couples class that enjoys fellowship and ministering to others. 
A101 Sharing Bill McWhorter 63-72 COED
  A couples class that loves studying God’s word and serving in many areas of our church.
A115 Encouragers Don Thompson 63-72 COED
  A class that has a great heart for missions and community involvement.
A128 Truth Seekers David Lamb 63-72 COED
  A couples class of varying ages that do theme theme related studies from the bible.   They enjoy diving deep into God’s word.
A213 Agape Shirley Horton 63-72 LADIES
  A ladies class with a heart for ministry and service in our church.
A200 Willing Hands Jamie Hux & Bari Kerr 63-72 LADIES
  A fun and welcoming group of ladies who enjoy studying God’s word and helping others in the fellowship.  They are known for their great hospitality.  
A211 Dependable Men Ron Everett 73+ MEN
  A great group of men who love to study God’s word together. 
A209 Grace Jerry Mitchell 73+ COED
  This couples class uses the “Explore The Bible” series and has a great fellowship.
A207 Praise Chuck Ellis 73+ COED
  This couples class that also uses the “Explore the Bible” series and sing in class. They often sing together in class and are involved in various church ministries.