Children & Preteen Sunday School Small Groups

Children & Preteen Sunday School Small Groups

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Preschool (8 wks – 5 yrs)

Student (Grades 7 – 12) Adults

*Division based on current grade – promotion occurs the first Sunday in August.

Rooms C201 – C212 are located in the upstairs of the children’s building.

Children’s Minster: Linda Baxter


Division Teachers Room
First Grade Kathy Ragsdale , Marquerite Callahan & Christina Keown C201
Second Grade Tiffany Staas, Sue Hendrix C203
Third Grade Sandra Babb, Shella Adcock & Laura Eichhorn C207
Fourth Grade  Scott Mitchell, Tania Mitchell & Sherrill Chambers  C209
Fifth Grade Keith & Wendy Taylor C208
Sixth Grade Robin & David Bullard C212