Preschool Sunday School Small Groups

Preschool Sunday School Small Groups

P R E S C H O O L:

Please note that the Preschool Division is based on development.  A child must be 8 weeks old before they should be left in the nursery for their health protection, per doctors recommendations to us.  “Preschool 8” (PS8) is our Kindergarten class.  There are Department Officers to help check in your children.  For the convenience of families with small chidren, please park in the front, lower parking lot on Flat Creek Trail – door is at the flagpole.  These glass doors will take you into the Preschool/Children’s Reception area we call The Atrium. For the security of all our children, only one adult will be allowed past the Preschool Reception Desk to drop off /pick up their Preschooler.

Children’s Minister: Linda Baxter


Joy Lamb – Division Director

Others: Carolyn Wade, Barbara Vansant, Joe Green, Barbara Green

Division Age-Range Teachers Room
Preschool 1 8 weeks old – crawlers Meredith Ellis, Kelsie Saefkow C114
Preschool 2 Toddlers Nancy Muncher, Becky Johnson C115
Preschool 3 1 yr. by Sept. 1 Charlotte Trammel & Beverly Turner C113
Preschool 4 2 yr. by Sept. 1 Rhonda & Drew Maxey, Susan Ellison C105
Preschool 5 3 yrs. by Sept. 1 Debora Clap, Joyce Pearson & Joan Priester C105
Preschool 6 4 yrs. by Sept. 1 Jean Thompson & Jean Lawson, Mahogany Arnold C102
Preschool 7 5 yrs. by Sept. 1 Vickie Ward, Fran Jones, Eddie Morgan C100