Anger Management Specialist Church Counseling Certification – Training for Pastors & Ministry Leaders
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Anger Management Specialist Church Counseling Certification – Training for Pastors & Ministry Leaders

Hosted by Flat Creek Baptist Church and led by Dr. Giri Peterson (Ph.D), founder and C.E.O. of Dismas Counseling Services, pastors and ministry leaders have an opportunity to become “Certified Anger Management Specialists” (C.A.M.S.) to better shepherd and care for the souls of those under them. This training will take place across three Thursdays in March: March 8, 15 & 22. The training will run from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and you must attend each day, for the full day, to receive certification. To register and pay for this training click the “register” button above. To save $125 off your certification, use the coupon code: KFM57 at registration. There is limited seating so register quickly!

God never meant for Christians to live alone. Through the church on earth, therefore, he created a place where Christians could gather for corporate worship, accountability, fellowship, instruction, and godly exhortation. The fullest expression of our faith cannot occur apart from loving communion with other believers in a local church.

Yet because Christians are often scared to reveal their problems to people they know, they commonly seek out counselors who work in private practices outside of their church. Now, many of these counselors are doing good work, and there certainly is a role for private practice counseling. Yet there are distinct advantages to doing specialized counseling in the context of one’s local church.

You will learn the following when completing the course in Anger Management Specialist Certification:

  1. Latest clinical research and evidence based treatments of anger problems
  2. Effective mindfulness techniques and anger management
  3. Recent advances in anger management skills, concepts, and exercises
  4. Brain research and anger management
  5. Integral approach to anger management
  6. Cognitive behavioral approach and dysfunctional thinking
  7. Learn secret of effective outcomes
  8. For adults, adolescents, children, parents, and relationships

This class is an approved Anger Management Specialist-I Certification training and is recognized nationally. The class in particular is built to equip those in ministry (both pastors and ministry leaders at large) for how to deal with and better understand church members and persons they minister to. Paul in Ephesians 4:26 instructs: “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath.” Certification in anger management will enable pastors and ministry leaders to teach those in their care how to apply this verse to their life and bring peace to their relationships with others and with God.

• Accepted by ALL Courts (in US and Canada), businesses, schools, and personal referrals.
• Complimentary “Anger Management Workbook and Curriculum”
• Continued Support

For more information regarding the advantages of Church Counseling, consider reading Dr. Peterson’s article: Five Advantages of Church Based Counseling – PDF. This article focuses on the benefits of: Submitting to those who have watch, Building one another up in faith, Extending our covenant, Benefits of belonging to the same church, and Greater Accountability and Networking Caregiving.